A decision to Defer - Outcome of New Quarry & Dam meeting of Determination - 21 September 2016

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  An Update from 'No New Quarry'.

 There has been a number of enquiries regarding the outcome of the recent  'determination' meeting' held Wednesday 21 September 2016, regarding a  DA application for a new quarry and dam in Herons Creek.

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A decision to Defer.

From notes from   http://www.jrpp.nsw.gov.au/Meetings/tabid/82/ctl/view/JRPP_ID/2539/mid/460/a/1/language/en-US/Default.aspx




Public meeting held at Herons Creek Church, 49 Blackbutt Road, Herons Creek on Wednesday 21

September 2016 opened at 4.30pm and closed at 7pm.


The application seeks consent for the establishment of a hard rock quarry with capacity of up to 200,000

tonnes of aggregate per year. The proposal includes clearing of the existing hardwood timber plantation,

construction of processing and storage facilities, construction of a water storage dam, and the upgrading of

access roads.


 Support – NIL

 Object – 10

 On behalf of the applicant – 3


The panel resolved to defer the determination of the matter until:

1. An assessment of alternative sites has been undertaken;

2. An updated noise impact assessment; and

3. A social & economic impact assessment,

are completed by applicant and assessed by council as the Panel resolved they were not

adequately considered in the EIS and a proper assessment was therefore not possible.

When this information has been received, the panel will hold another public determination meeting.

The decision to defer the matter was Unanimous.


Garry West (Chair)

Pamela Westing

Stephen Gow

Paul Drake


Reflections on the night by Maureen Churnside - No New Quarry Herons Creek

“I question the correctness of the record, that only 10 verbal objections have been noted. 11 people spoke on the evening. One wasn't register (Nikala Sim) however, she was given the ok by the panel to speak. 8 proxies were spoken for on the evening and appear not to have been included in the count. Correct process was followed to formally register and confirm proxy eligibility with the JRPP secretariate within the requisite time frame. The total objections should read 19 which is almost double what has been stated.”

Maureen Churnside - No New Quarry Herons Creek

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