Herons Creek Railway Station

The North Coast railway was built through this district between 1915 -1917.

 The train station became the hub of the township when opened on 12-Apr-1915 yet it was closed 30-Jun-1974 which saw the township begin to die.

 For many years sleeper cutters earnt their bread and butter income. An area beside the station was known as Sleepers Pass. Many a goods carriage hauling timber from Herons Creek mill were on the off-line.

 Children used the trains to travel to Kendall High School. It was either that or walk through Logans Crossing.

 During the 1920s and 1930s the rail yard was almost completely covered with railway sleepers either waiting to be passed or waiting to be railed to a destination. These sleepers were cut by broadaxe and were always in great demand for the extension of the rail system throughout the country and beyond. Many local timbermen supplemented their income by cutting sleepers.

 The last sleeper pass at Herons Creek was in the late 1960s. Bill Boyd was among these cutters and witnessed first hand the last Sleeper Pass to be held at Herons Creek. Bill's uncle Jack Boyd also transported sleepers to the railhead.

 This station was demolished in 1980 following closure on 30 June 1974. We would love to know if the Herons Creek sign still exists somewhere.

 Source: Footprints and Foundations


1920s Sleeper Pass Herons Ck Henry Wade  640x429  1990 Mine Timber 4 Broken Hill viewed from Heron Ck Station 1 615x640 

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